Courage to Share Your Story and Help Others, Courage to Try What Has Not Been Tried


Earlier this year I joined NeuroRx as their Chief Commercial & Patient Officer. Our mission is to develop what would potentially be the first medicine for the treatment of ASIBD (Acute Suicidal Ideation in Bipolar Depression), something that has not been tried.

In our quest to understand the patient perspective and better define the elements of supportive care needed, I have had the privilege of connecting with outstanding patient support & advocacy organizations focused on Bipolar Disorder and on Suicide Prevention. The International Bipolar Foundation is one of them. (Check out their great work and resources.)

Kevin Hines is on the board of the International Bipolar Foundation. I had the privilege of meeting him during their Gala Fundraising Event in May. Kevin is one of the very few to survive after jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. The courage to share his story is inspiring, and undoubtedly helping many others.

Suicidal ideation is a complex syndrome – and there is much that can be done to prevent it. Prevention must be a common goal of patients, families, and all those that are close to a patient. Courage to talk about it and seek help when someone is not well is crucial to enable this broader accountability.

When faced with an ASIBD crisis, patients today have limited treatment options, no medicine has been officially approved. We, at NeuroRx are trying to change that. As with all psychiatric conditions, a medicine will not fully address the problem. It is through such courageous stories as Kevin’s and a well designed support plan that a condition that claims more lives than some forms of cancer will be tackled. Here is a blog that Kevin Hines shared about his plan for staying alive. Thank you Kevin.

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