Launching CDI Smart™ Software and Smart Code™ Reference Tool

The CodeSmart™ Group was proud to announce this week the launch of our new clinical documentation software and reference tool.  We had the opportunity to debut CDI Smart™ Software and Smart Code™ Reference Tool at the HIMSS14 conference, one of the largest healthcare conferences in the world, and are encouraged by the interest expressed by a wide variety of organizations that were in attendance. We strongly believe both the software and reference tool will be useful in helping hospitals and clinicians in the ICD-10 transition.

As I discussed in my first blog, the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 requires significant changes. The increased number of codes, greater number of potential characters per code, and increased code specificity will require a great deal of planning and training for all parties involved. It is CodeSmart’s goal to make this transition as seamless as possible to all healthcare providers.

CDI Smart™ Software automates, integrates and streamlines key clinical documentation program processes. It will allow organizations to develop a collaborative and streamlined workflow process, especially as they transition to ICD-10. The Smart Code™ Reference Tool can be used as a free standing web based subscription or as part of the CDI workflow software. The use of both the software and reference tool will help streamline the ICD-10 clinical documentation workflow, largely benefiting small to midsize hospitals and physician practices.

We were pleased with the feedback we received from all of the hospitals, consulting firms and other provider organizations we met with at HIMSS14. We were able to demonstrate the ease of use of our clinical documentation software, showcasing its ability to lay out the workflow for clinical documentation. Our new reference tool, Smart Code™, also allows physicians and other clinicians to easily access DRG strategies, quality indicators and other clinical documentation issues relevant to ICD-10. We are confident that our ability to develop affordable tools to maximize the efficiency of healthcare providers will be highly valuable for CodeSmart™.

I look forward to updating you as we continue make advances in the medical coding field.


Ira Shapiro
Chairman and CEO
CodeSmart™ Group


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Mr. Ira Shapiro currently serves as CodeSmart's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

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