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I am thrilled that we recently completed a private financing where we raised more than $11 million since the start of the year. This financing allows us to proceed with preparing our lead product candidate, AB101, to enter the clinic. The entire AntriaBio team is very appreciative of the continued support of our stakeholders.

AB101 is a unique formulation of a once-a-week basal insulin injection that has the potential to significantly advance the current standard of care for basal insulin replacement therapy which today is characterized by a once-a-day injection of basal insulin analogues, or synthetic forms of insulin. In contrast, AB101 is formulated using human recombinant insulin which is pegylated and married with a biodegradable polymer (PLGA) in a solvent to produce homogenous microspheres. After injection, these microspheres uniformly dissolve through hydrolysis to deliver a week’s dose of basal insulin: a remarkable formulation achievement which we like to call “smart science.”

With minimal excipients, AB101 is a particularly elegant formulation and it has the potential to dominate the $10 billion basal insulin market. More importantly, AB101 may meaningfully improve the therapeutic regimen for individuals with diabetes.

Earlier in my career, I ran Nektar Therapeutic’s Pulmonary Division where my lead commercial product was Exubera, the first inhaled mealtime replacement therapy. Although Exubera did not survive as a commercial product as a result of marketing and other challenges, I learned a valuable lesson from that experience. It was a significant therapeutic advancement which offered individuals the option of inhaling insulin rather than injecting it. Through the hundreds of letters I received from individuals who used Exubera, I know that inhaled insulin made a huge difference in their lives and I am now delighted to see that MannKind appears to be headed down the path for regulatory approval of what would be the next commercially available inhaled mealtime insulin, Afrezza.

I believe that AB101, if approved, will have an even greater positive impact by lessening the therapeutic burden for individuals with diabetes. For patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes who require basal insulin for the control of hyperglycemia, AB101 represents a potential treatment that can improve patient compliance as well as offering the convenience of being administered once-a-week as opposed to once-a-day.

We are excited to continue our work and I look forward to sharing more thoughts with you as we progress. I’d like to thank our supporters once again…onward and upward.


Warm regards,

Nevan Elam

Chairman and CEO

AntriaBio, Inc.


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