Dr. Burns serves as President of 4-Antibody AG and guides our collaborations with leading academic centres as the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board. Together with the executive team he plays a key role in the integration of the company’s chosen strategy with its combined operational activities and maintains a close involvement with the licensing and business development activities related to our checkpoint antibodies and Retrocyte Display platform. Dr. Burns was CEO at 4-Antibody where he led the repositioning of the company in the period leading up to the acquisition by Agenus. Dr. Burns joined 4-Antibody following the successful repositioning and refinancing of Copenhagen listed and Oslo-located Affitech A/S (AFFY, NASDAQ OMX). Prior to his time at Affitech, he was CEO at Celldex Therapeutics Inc. (CLDX, NASDAQ) during the critical period of Celldex’s emergence from Medarex through to its eventual highly successful reverse merger into NASDAQ-listed Avant Immunotherapeutics. Before his role at Celldex, Dr. Burns was Director of Technology Licensing at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in New York, where he played leadership roles in the spin-out of several successful companies including Piramed in the UK. Prior to that he was Commercial Director at both Oxford Glycosciences plc, UK and British Biotech plc, UK; and previously AbT, Cambridge Mass.; and CIBA-Corning Diagnostics. Dr. Burns also serves as non-executive Chairman of Haemostatix, an early stage UK company specialising in haemostasis blood clotting products and also serves as a non-executive director on the board of Oncos Therapeutics Oy, a Finnish developer of novel cancer therapies based on next generation oncolytic viruses.

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This website contains information regarding our future discovery and development efforts, our collaborations, our operating results and financial position, our business strategy, and other objectives for future operations. This information constitutes a forward-looking statement within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. There are a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause our actual results to differ materially from those indicated by such forward-looking statements. These risks and uncertainties include those inherent in pharmaceutical research, such as adverse results in our drug discovery and clinical development processes, decisions made by the FDA and other regulatory authorities with respect to the development and commercialization of our products, and our ability to obtain, maintain and enforce proprietary rights for our products; our dependence on collaborative partners; our ability to obtain any necessary financing to conduct our planned activities, and other risk factors set forth in the filings that we make from time to time with the SEC. We disclaim any intention or obligation to update any forward-looking statements contained on this website, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

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